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to mitchell was his girlfriend, a veteran d.c. police officer assigned to the second district. mitchell was rowed by a surveillance camera leaving the house with a pistol in his happy. the camera recorded him in a firing stance. the document lists the officer as w 2 and said he initially lied about witnessing the murder. cathy lanier was asked about the case in a september appearance on wtop. >> well, yes, this is in the justice system. i'm restricted from commenting on it. the officer is -- was revote voked and is not in duty status and if the investigation confirms that is what happened, that officer is facing criminal charles. >> reporter: wanda ortiz was in the crime when she heard the investigating detective say her son did nothing to provoke the attack. >> and that made an impact to hear that someone so kind died so hard it's rotten. >> reporter: now, ortiz wants to know how a police officer could have witnessed the murder and didding in to help her son. >> ef officer takes an oath to protect themselves and that oath was violated. and it was a horrible situation that i personally
in the nation. a new study shows the d.c. area drivers spend an average of 74 hours a year sitting in traffic. chicago comes in at number two with 71 hours lost behind the wheel a year. los angeles comes in at three with 64 hours. houston, new york and baltimore round out the top six. the climbing condition of roads and bridges is a big factor. >> the problem with the traffic congestion is we haven't built enough system whether it's roads or transit to handle the population and employment growth we have seen over the past decade or so. >> one possible solution is to let some corkers come in earlier or later than usual to help ease the rush hour traffic. >>> going for two wheels instead of four is a good way to beat all traffic for the newest crime fighting system in our area. you could be hitting the brakes while on your bicycle. a new way to crack down on bike theft. >> reporter: people who live in and visit the area have a 14% increase in robberies since last year. most involve the snatching of cell phones by folks riding bicycles. they ordered increased enforcement in high robbery areas. t
a latest in the investigation. >> plus the protest in d.c. are heating up one day after investigators forced to close the museum. and a record-smashing contest. a spicy chili eating contest has a taste of d.c. >> and good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm rebecca cooper. it was a week of dramatic showdowns in the district. first a confrontation between demonstrators and smithsonian police forced a shutdown. a protestor got in trouble with authorities after allegedly throwing his shoes at them. many are vowing they will remain. we are live with the latest. >> rebecca there is one more battle brewing because as you said that permit that was issued by the national park service that allows these protestors to be here at freedom plaza is set to expire. you can see that they are still completely operational. these people have no intention of going anywhere any time soon. they say if a showdown happens so be it because it wouldn't be the first this weekend. the youtube video shows exactly what protestors say they didn't want to happen. what was supposed
with over taxation and overregulation, particularly out of washington d.c. our states need to compete against each other. that is what we do. we should compete. i shared with john one of the ways that new hampshire could become one of the most competitive states from the standpoint of a being able to create jobs. you already do not have a sales tax. you are relieved of that income tax. if you make this a right to work say, you will bring people into this state by the thousands. let me wrap up and say one more thing. right to work is not an anti- union bill. it is a pro-jobs bill. our friends who have chosen to be in unions, they will have access to more jobs, making this a right to work state. >> welcome to new hampshire. >> thank you, sir. >> you have said that you dispute the national academy of sciences finding that burning fossil fuels is the natural cause of global warming. in the california presidential debate, you said find out what the science truly is before you start putting american jobs in jeopardy. when asked twice for sources you use, you ducked the question. i would lik
back to you both. >> danella, thanks so much. >>> today is the tenth day of the occupy d.c. protests. the question this morning, will there be an 11th day? the permits expire today? however, protesters say they are not going anywhere. tracee wilkins is live. >> reporter: this morning they're breaking down the tents. i just spoke with park police, and they say this has expired as of 6:00 a.m., the permit by u.s. park police to be here legally has expired as of 6:00 a.m. no one's breaking anything down. and now we have word that labor union workers are expected to begin demonstrations today as well. organizers of occupy d.c., this anti-war and anti-corporate greed protest in washington, say they intend to continue their demonstrations longer than originally planned. one organizer saying protesters plan to remain on freedom plaza indefinitely. she's calling it an occupation. meanwhile, beginning today the afl-cio, the nation's largest labor union will hold rallies across the nation and here in d.c., supporting president obama's jobs plan. that's calling for higher taxes on the wealthies
d.c. protesters are resuming their demonstrations. this comes one day after things got out of hand and ended with an ugly confrontation. >> this is the scene earlier at the national air and space museum. the protesters swarmed the museum protesting a military drone exhibit. derrick ward joins us now from freedom plaza with more. derrick, is the protest growing larger this morning? >> it's about the same as it is in the morning when folks wake up here at the plaza. i mean, you've got folks here and you have folks over at mcpherson square as well. it varies throughout the course of the day. sometimes the groups converge. other groups come down. so it's a number that changes but there's always a core presence here as you can see. what happened yesterday was remit of t reminiscent of the points of view. this gentleman wearing this hat, it cost $10. it goes towards water for folk who are suffering or threatened by dehydration. a lot of other causes. we actually did talk to someone at the air and space museum who told us they had not intended to be violent. this person says she was a pas
and through the weekend. the study's numbers. d.c., 45. 44 degrees in and warrenton. areas of patchy fog especially west of the metro area. 46 in hagerstown. prize in the low 70's today with sunshine. average high is 71. the weekend, 80 degrees. low 80's by sunday. morning temperatures on 50's. >>> overnight construction barrels being put to bed. 66 eastbound had to exit on to loop, but that is changing. southbound 95 virginia 7100, an accident is gone. in maryland we have a live camera of the beltway at avenue and road and over to the boulevard, things are improving. 395 north of duke street in camera, looks ok, traffic is headed away from us. the growing unemployment rates and dissatisfaction among americans. if the labor department will the september employment report. analysts say it is likely to in a fifths. of no jobonth creation. unemployment rate is atected to remain unchanged 9.1%. those numbers are fuelling the allpy wall street movement across the nation. us of noten joins less d.c. this morning. >> good morning. frustration over the stagnant economy is spilling out into the s
the occupy wall street protest going strong. >> and this movement has made its way to d.c. although now on a much smaller scale. about two dozen protestors camped out in mcpherson square over the weekend calling their protest occupy d.c. and occupy "k" street. they too are pushing for social change and are concerned about the economy. their ranks could soon grow. according to a social networking site, it will move to freedom plaza on thursday and be highly organized there. the site says the movement has the support of 144 different groups and will be pushing a clear set of issues focused on changing economic policy. >>> this weekend was a little taste of winter. it looks like at 46 degrees this morning it's continuing. >> it is continuing. but only for one more day. i'm really loving that. i was the coldest person there bundled up in the blanket. >> but we won. >> absolutely. >>> 48 degrees right now with a calm wind. i like that it's a calm wind because nothing would be like 48 with a cold west wind coming through. 48 degrees, brandywine and bladensburg. 44 in springfield,
degrees outside. >> still ahead how you could own a piece of d.c. history. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> the owner of one of the world's largest yachts is in d.c. and, controversy surrounding the purchase. >> first another check on [ snoring ] [hthunder crashes ] [ snoring ] [ thunder crashes ] [ snoring ] [ ma a announcer ] vickcknyquil cold and flu. the nighttime, sniffling sneezing, coughing aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold... medicine. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] vicks dayquil. defeats 5 cold & flu symptoms. ♪ ♪ >>> 5:10 on this thursday morning. >> what's going on? >> not much. pretty quiet weather for the next several days. it is a weather pattern where we will have day-to-day sunshine and maybe a couple clouds. we deserve this. really need this after, all of the damp weather. 47 degrees in hagerstown, 58 in lexington park currently. upper 60 posted to near 70 later on today -- upper 60's to near 70. then a few degrees warmer. strong high pressure building in from canada through the weekend, warning us of a little near 80 degrees by sun
leaves a businessman with a shattered draw. it shattered his confidence in d.c. police. this is a story you'll see only on 9. >> reporter: daniel's parents live in rockville, a native, but now lives in new york and was just down for business when he was attacked with a crowbar in such a random way that his family can only guess it was some kind of gang initiation. >> my jaw was all the way down here. it struck me a couple of times, my ears were still ringing here, and there was a lot of blood coming out of -- a lot of blood coming out of my mouth. >> reporter: they show multiple fractures to his jaw, now his jaw is wired shut. >> and you realize, you know, how precurious your safety is at any second, you know, something random could happen. >> reporter: it all happened this past saturday around 3:00 a.m. he was walking up the 1700 block of connecticut avenue towards his hotel. >> and there was a lot of people, you know, that had gotten in the streets. and i tried to look around and that guy jumped out, and you just, you know, he struck me with something. and you know, it kind of became
, will hold protests around the nation and in d.c., supporting president obama's jobs plan. the head of the labor group says occupy wall street's movement is proof the economy and political process is broken. they believe these rallies will help to cause some change for folks. again, the comment for this group technically ran out yesterday, but they were given extra time to break down their tents and their stage, et cetera. today is supposed to be the extra time for that. as i said, at least one leader of this movement is saying that occupy d.c. means they plan on being here for a while, long past today. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning. back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. >>> in new york city, where this all started, it is day 24 of the occupy wall street movement. the test against corporate greed and demand a change in the way government works. the movement has spread to dozens of cities across the country thanks to social media outlets. >>> president obama sends his american jobs act to the u.s. senate this week for a vote. economists say the $447 billion plan
definitely left their mark. we have more coverage on the impact steve jobs had on the d.c. region still ahead. >>> local condolences and memories. i'm derrick ward. i'll have details coming up on news 4. >>> streets were closedn downtown washington this afternoon as the growing occupy wall street movement walked by the white house. in our area, the calls for peace and prosperity got louder and louder. protesters plan to stay through the weekend. chris? >> reporter: good evening, doreen and to the audience. the sun is going down on the first day of occupy d.c. here on freedom plaza with speeches and chanting continuing. it was a day of rallies, of music and marching. >> jobs not wars. >> reporter: occupy d.c. is on the move. they marched past the white house demanding jobs. the target of this demonstration went to the chamber of the united states. they closed 8th street between 15th and 16th. protesters pointing to the large sign that says jobs. some of the protesters dealt out applications for jobs. then a group pressed forward to the entrance that was locked shut. they staged a sit-in. ten o
in warrenton, 50 in oxon hill. 44 in northwest d.c. highs in the a low 70's today. you need long sleeves in the morning, short sleeves and afternoon. dress accordingly today. low 70's this afternoon. wall-to-wall sunshine. warmer of the weekend, low 80's sunday afternoon with morning temperatures in the 50's for the army 10-miler. >>> normal volume in virginia. d.c. 295 know about is ok with the long term or project and malcolm x ave. traffic getting by to collect and to the right. 50 marylan-- the the leftto the left hand to the right -- and to the right. >>> we begin with breaking news from prince george's county. one person has been shot and two stab the restaurant. as happens inside the family restaurant on the salluce drive and st. barnabas road in temple hills. two people arrested. a gunshot victim and one stabbing victim are hospitalized. a third victim was treated on the scene. police are on the scene right now questioning witnesses. we will bring you more details as soon as. >>> more breaking news this time from norway. about an hour ago the nobel committee announced that it is
in the morning. thank you. >>> occupy d.c. protesters will be out in force once again. yesterday, they met at freedom plaza and then marched to the white house and to the chamber of commerce. the crowd is a mixture of people with a variety of grievances, but all of them agree that the government has failed to fix the financial problems and that politicians are more interested in helping big corporations or donors. >>> the president says he will keep hammering away at republicans until something gets done. republicans say they are legislating while the president is campaigning. this morning, the president sits down with democratic leaders for a strategy session. >>> guilty of first degree murder. that was the case in the murder of a grandmother accused of tossing her granddaughter from a walkway at tysons corner. prosecutors say she was vengeful and angry at her son- in-law. prosecutors had asked for a live sentence but the jury recommended 35iers. the george washington bridge could lower that sentence during a hearing in january. -- the judge could lower that sentence during a hearing in j
on the scene. it was pennsylvania avenue that with protesters in d.c. they were protesting what corporate greed. are all just really one people. beeney have literally here. up bags, sleeping and the plaza resemble the campground. it is time for us to wake up. we need to try to make it happen together. smithsonian spokesperson they were asked not to go museum with their signs. is when the protesters began shoving the guards. that is according to the spokesperson. one person was arrested. they were released. made themselves comfortable. seeill be interesting to tomorrow when the to protest expires. live in northwest washington, george gonzales. latest news unfolding, launched on to our gallery -- photo gallery -- many are leaving for a deployment tonight in northwest maryland. >> we hope to set a good international the guard. >> we still need air support. what we are therefore. we are there to protect the guys ground. >> some will return from this in december. will stay in afghanistan a longer time frame. also tonight, it was a high- murder that remains unsolved. murder -- now
silver spring. >> one-party left a note behind. >> not much is known about , but the woman of a d.c. area . couple attended church together last week. it has been here since fromarists went missing our apartment on hartford's street in southeast. yesterday friends outside the apartment building for provincial. mother valencia says she until she finds her daughter. they plan to hold a monthly bring attention to our daughter's disappearance. metro stations remain closed for a major track or. aw, u street, and columbia heights, green and yellow lines are closed. are cells. resume tomorrow morning. -- there are shuttle buses. >>> apple's latest smartphone is a big hit. is gearing up and for phone -- for s new phone. >> french and german leaders gave themselves three weeks to recapitalize the region's banks, investors see this as moving eeceep closer to getting gr the right track. at&t has received 200,000 preorders for the iphone 4s. they are calling it the most successful iphone whatever. already lining up can apple store near bloomberg. microsoft's windows phone does want to miss out on the
in the streets this month. jummy olabanji is outside the libyan embassy in northwest d.c. with reaction. good morning. >> good morning. many local libyans say they have been waiting for this day for decades. a lot of them gathered eyes night outside the white house. we were there as they celebrated with tears hugging each other many of them holding the libyan flag and the american flag, a sign that democracy could be coming to their native country. many gathered in arlington and other places where they watched in disbelief on al jazeera television. many people left their native lands because they were afraid and are looking for to going back now that he is no longer in power. many of them said yesterday this is a bittersweet victory. >> i am pretty certain that a lot of libyans would like to see him suffer. at the same time if it is over, it's over. >> a lot of local indians told us yesterday they hope that this serves as a message to other arab dictators that this will not be tolerated anymore and that everyone wants to move in the direction of democracy. president obama from the yesterday s
corridor for fredricksburg, baltimore and d.c. south of town likely to stay mainly rain. a quick look at how much we're going to get, a trace to an inch here. you get just outside of the beltway, parts of montgomery and fairfax county, one, two, possibly three inches. you get to the upper part of the county, three plus in the mountains. we could get locally six inches of heavy, wet, sloppy snow. i'll break down the timetable for you and have the rest of the weekend forecast for you in a few minutes. j.c. >>> testimony continues in the lululemon murder trial. brittany norwood has been charged with killing jayna murray inside the store in be thez a. yesterday the jury heard norwood's own words hours after the murder. let's get to certificateei chin. she has the latest. reporter: j.c., we are 1/3 of the way through testimony with witnesses. prosecutors say a total of 35 witnesses with take the stand in the course of this trial. right now we have a coworker of jayna murray, one of the last people to talk to her before she was killed. before that a forensic expert on the stand walking us
protestors for both the occupy d.c. gathered at union station for a flash mob. the participants stood still then broke out in chants protesting everything from wars to corporate spending and medical insurance. the flash mob-style demonstration lasted about 10 minutes. >> the purpose is to get into people's heads. get into people's minds that there is a war going on. we are involved in war in six countries. >> the demonstration was peaceful. nobody was arrested. >>> his mom beaten and stabbed to death, his stepdad now in custody. still, no sign of 11-year-old of william mcquain. police arrested curtis lopez and he has said not a word. he hired a lawyer. no one has seen william since the time his mother was murdered inside her germantown apartment. montgomery county police detectives are in north carolina trying to figure out if lopez knows where william is. they are praying that he will tell them. friends have a vigil for williams scheduled to start in a half our at the germantown community centre. >>> today another person pleaded guilty to murdering 18- year-old latisha fraser. charged with
. >> gentleman proceed. >> there are protests now across the city. activists from the d.c. jobs coalition and the laborers union invited occupy d.c. to join them. the black trucks, and demand more jobs for d.c. residents at this city center construction site. >> i apt job. >> $700 million job right here. >> at the rain soaked occupy d.c. incantment, word somehow failed to get out to join the d.c. jobs protest. >> we are regrouping from the rainstorm. >> snow caves. >> meantime, the stop the machine group down on freedom plaza is planning a mass coalition protest for saturday against bank of america, one of the largest holders of under water mortgages in the country. >> joint efforts of mcpherson around the 15th, particularly the world day of action that was called for. we are occupying. >> the folks down here on freedom plaza concerned about the weather. the tornado watches down in fairfax and so forth. so they were having a meeting, but they put all these chairs down and talking about taking shelter in the reagan building, even as these tents stay up. as soon as the storm goes thr
a doomed ride in night. police say someone, possibly a passenger, shot and killed him in his own car on palm street and anacostia avenue in northeast. john henrehan has been working the story for us. what do you know? >> reporter: the shooting took place inside the d.c. border and close, it was the prince georges county cab driver who was killed. the neighborhood is called eastland gard knows. it lays between the aquatic gardens. dozens of service men and women spent the morning cleaning up part of the parkland. they saw at the corner of paups street in anacostia avenue, a prince georges county-based taxi cab that appeared to have quickly backed up over the curb ending up inside the park. minutes before 4:00 a.m., shocks rang out here. it appeared that two bullets struck the front windshield of the cab. the responding officers found an adult male driver unconscious with no since of life and pronounced dead. police say the apparent motive was robbery. the 67-year-old bo has driven taxis in prince georges county for 30 years and is fattallistic about the danger of driving a cab. >> the
with the news edge at 11:00. >>> imagine being hauled into lockup by d.c. police all because the tags on your car are expired. it's happened several times to otherwise innocent people just driving their cars. now a u.s. senator is getting involved. sarah simmons live in the newsroom now. >> you think of robbers, rapists and other cold hardened criminals getting hauled into jail, shackled and thrown in the slammer. a rockville man said that happened too him because his tags were expired. -- to him because his tags were expired. he's outraged and so is virginia senator jim webb. >> this is the craziest thing i've ever heard for expired tags. >> reporter: it happened one year ago, but this man who does not want to be identified remembers a drive with his dog in d.c. like it happened yesterday. he said an officer pulled him over for expired plates. they were about 22 days past due. >> i asked him to cut me a break. we were heading home. i'd get it fixed the next day. it would be top of my priority list and he said well, we're going to take you in to process you for about three hours, standard pro
. >> thank you. >>> new from overnight d.c. police are investigating a homicide this morning. it happened just after midnight in the 5300 block of dix street northeast. when police arrived at the scene authorities found a man shot multiple times. he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. right now they don't have a suspect or motive in this shooting. also new from overnight, police have partially identified a man found dead on the metro tracks in rockville. police tell us the man is 37 years old and from gaithersburg. he was found around 3:00 this morning just a couple of hundred feet from the rockville metro station. they say there is no evidence of foul play and no trauma to suggest the man was hit by a train. we'll bring you the updates throughout the morning as think come into news 4. >>> one of al qaeda's most influential leaders has been killed in an air strike. anwaral-awlaki had ties to our area. he was killed yesterday in yemen. he had dual citizenship with the u.s. and yemen. he helped spread al qaeda's message through social media. he directed the failed underwear bombing atta
luck. allison? >> thank you. very interesting. >>> enforcement of a controversial law on home. why d.c. police won't arrest drivers with expired tags. we'll have details of what they're doing on that law coming up next. >>> and shell hitting the dance floor this mother and -- and holly is hitting the dance floor this morning, what is up? >> reporter: i'm hitting the dance floor in terms of watching some of the best our area has to offer. we're being treated to a christopher k. morgan artist. christopher morgan was named one of the top six emerging choreographers in the united states by dance magazine and his dancers are one of the group that is featured in the velocity d.c. dance festival going on this weekend, the shakes spear theatre company where we're live and we'll tell you about it later here on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. h us.  just got her flu shot, like a champ -- mom! taking on the master of disaster, the flu! it's the fight of the season! your flu shot's next, champ. let's do this. flu shots. every day. no appointment needed. most insurance accepted. get a
traffic patterns. >> if you go into the d.c. are maryland, 495 is the only way. >> of a look from the shenandoah valley culpeper, as well as the eastern-no. and will take into account not just virginia but those coming in from maryland, west virginia, and d.c. the goal is to provide a transportation options for those with the worst traffic problems. [unintelligible] the virginia department of rail and public transportation is expected to complete the study within one year. then is larkin abc7 news. >>> still to come, the good news about gas prices. we have the latest prices and why those prices may keep going down. >> plus, major work on the metro this holiday weekend. see which stations will be closed on columbus day. >> i am outside the supreme court where they will decide the fate of a local drug dealer. >> i am bob ryan. enough of the clouds, the rain, the drizzle, the chill. the best place for a vacation is mississippi. you mean louisiana. florida's where folk's want to .. alabama's got you all beat. no matter which state you choose everyone agrees the gulf is vacation a
least one lawmaker says the plot to a -- plot to assassinate the ambassador in washington d.c., may be an act of war. rebecca cooper is following the latest developments on this. >> iran is denying any assassination plot ever existed. dianne feinstein came out close touch for meeting to say she is concerned about additional plots they have may have been planning elsewhere. so far republicans and democrats have been united in calling for tough action. >> i would hope our administration would hold the iranian government and hold their feet to the fire over the actions that have been alleged in its complaint. >> the obama administration quickly slapped sanctions on the airline involved in urged allies to quickly respond with moore's -- with more. >> no military action, at least certainly not at this point. there would have to be something that actually happened i think. >> at this point we need to worry about our homeland security and what is key for america. >> the u.s. has been increasingly alarmed and has attempted to increase power. officials say attempting an assassinati
, learn how family and friends are remembering a well known in d.c. personal trainer that was killed in a freak accident. >> taking action off the soccer field. why d.c. -- d.c. united player charlie davies filed a lawsuit. >> another check on your traffic and weat what do you think of this one? really what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip. let's try together. perfect. two worlds that fit in one kitchen. come in today and save up to 20% on a kitchen from ikea. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] find yourself sometimes cleaning up after your dishcloth? bounty extra soft can help. it's super durable and in this lab test bounty extra soft leaves this surface three times cleaner than a dishcloth. even with just one sheet. super clean. super soft. bounty extra soft. in the pink pack. and try bounty napkins. >>> modest at this morning is what we had yesterday. we had well over a half-inch of rain in some places. impressive rainfall totals from the morning rain and the afternoon dorm powers -- downpours. crossing over to interstate 270 a brief shot of a few drops. that is i
are getting ready for the season's first snowfall. 280 pieces of to equipment or place all across d.c. they are doing a dry run and practicing the routes for the coming winter. a similar scene entrance door discounting. snow removal teams hope that new technology will help them keep on top of clearing the roads. they showed off new equipment in forestville with a truck equipped with a camera to send live picture is a broken additions. >>> we are tracking the storm all day and into the weekend as well. adam caskey and the team will watch -- will provide instant weather updates. click on the weather tab. >>> breaking news in the district. a child injured after an apparent hit-and-run. the vehicle struck the child near 1100 eastern avenue northeast for around 10:45 this morning. police are hunting for a black or blue buick. no details on the condition of the child. we have a crew headed to the scene and will bring more details when we get them. >>> the latest on the murder trial under way in rockville. prosecutors building their case against brittany norwood. she's the woman accused of b
kingretta scott king women's young leadership program. >>> a store is open for the first time in d.c. and is hiring dozens of d.c. workers. mayor gray was so anxious for people to know, that he held his biweekly news conference in front of the store to hear from employees like tracy henderson. >> i was unemployed for a year. i am very grateful for hiring me. >> the d.c. unemployment rate is at 11.1%. >> we have had no problems staffing it. we have a great group of associates joining the store. >> they want to make it d.c. friendly. they asked d.c. employment services to find workers. and now hiring sign brought women like these to apply online. this mother of seven had not worked in four years. >> they are now hiring. i applied. the next day they called me back. >> this woman last worked in 2009. >> i had no doubt. i knew this was my season. >> throughout the day, a steady stream of would-be workers approached. the mayor talked about what workers need to keep a job. >> job skills, showing up every day, showing up on time, having a good attitude. >> abc7 news. >> the grand opening is
. >> coordinating an earthquake response. d.c.'s mayor is ready to tour the damage. >> the hunt is over in ohio. new questions. "good morning washington" continues. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. 6:00 a.m. on this october 20. i am cynne simpson. >> >>> moments away on "good morning washington" - --i am natasha barrett. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> we have one or two sprinkles northwest of town early this morning. we are tracking that from the belfort furniture weather center. crossing over the potomac near harpers ferry there are few sprinkles, approaching meyersville. and towards urbana and manassas, a sprinkle moving north and east. 57 degrees in southeast d.c., damascus at 53. on our way today close to mid 60's today, gusty wind appears to 30 miles an hour. already there are gusts this morning in excess of 30 in southern maryland. low 60's's tomorrow. still pleasant on the weekend partly cloudy. now to lisa baden with breaking traffic. >>> in waldorf maryland, a pedestrian hit by a vehicle. newschopper 7 is looking at an a
. >> they probably even on the president. >> members of occupied d.c. have taken over freedom plaza. >> is unfair what they are doing. they are stealing. they're just taking. constantly taking. >> they even signed a new bill of rights for a new society. >> capitalism has to go. yes. capitalism has to go. >> some like james volk, are palma's. >> i cannot find a job. >> this is all the power we have. people. >> these are the issues. >> some gathered at the martin luther king memorial in a peaceful anti-war protest. >> we're letting the world know what the people want. that is the best we can do. >> to see more pictures of the protest here in d.c. and new york, does go to war website -- go to our website. >> you have tens of thousands of people heading to the district, and with the metro shutting down expect extra traffic as well. with more. -- we are live with more. >>> officials are not exactly putting out a stay away from downtown d.c. warning but definitely there is a warning of road closures. if you are planning to head downtown for work or leisure traffic delays could be there to greet you, th
on that. >> if we were to even get an inch of snow in the d.c. area at the airport it would be the fourth largest snowfall, or actually probably the third largest snowfall in d.c. history in the month of october. so we are kind of forecasting something historic here across the area. right now, 49 degrees. the temperature out there. the temperatures are dropping. the winds are howling at 21 miles an hour. gusts close to 30 miles an hour. take a look at the wind gusts around the rest of the region. 30 miles an hour right now in manassas. all out of the northwest. that is ushering in some very cool if not cold, air and that sets the stage for our next storm. this is the same storm that brought denver some snow. it's going to meet up with a piece of energy. produce a coastal storm and, yes, give us our first snowfall of the season at least for some of us. i'll show you who i think gets what coming up in just a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. >>> also tonight a murder for hire plot in northern virginia. police say a woman tried to finance a hit man. jackie bensen has our report. >> reporter: she
political movement makes its way from wall street to d.c. could this group wield as much influence as the tea party? >>> thousands turn out for the funeral of an executed death row inmate. and the weather slows down inspections of the washington monument and sends one engineer on a wild ride. >>> but first, we have breaking news right now out of prince george's county, that's where a fire has put dozens of people out of their homes tonight. good evening, i'm eric gilchrist. it started in laurel around 4:30 this afternoon in the 8800 block of hunting lane. darcy spencer live at the scene now with the latest. darcy? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. they got the call right around 4:30 this afternoon. and this fire quickly escalated to a two-alarm blaze. fire rescue crews are still here on the scene. joining us now to give us the very latest on this case is mark brady with the prince george's county fire department. so this started out in the bottom level of a three-story building, and basically went through the roof or the attic area? >> it did. the middle floor, extending up to the t
and in d.c., they are rebelling against the power structure, allowing the top 1% of the americans to show you more than 1/3 of the nation's wealth. >> can't we have a little bit of compassion? can't we not let people starve and be forced to live in the streets? >> we will let them have their turn. they ruined mesh. >> from the streets to the convention hall. >> we've got a movement now. >> reporter: scores of liberalgroups are hoping to build on the occupied wall street protest. >> we will be going back with a bigger dream. >> reporter: to shift the nation's political debate to the left, countering the tea partyship to the right. >> the people who love this country and everybody in it, they are deeper patriots. they are not the patriots. they are not the patriots. >> reporter: now, these d.c. protesters say that they will be staying here at the square. and with occasional areas with places to bank of america until things will get better. bruce? >> yes, got it. thank you so much, bruce. >>> fewer people were getting rich on wall street's day at the closing bell. they were down about 258 po
. he made a comment a few years ago after regan called d.c. a chocolate city. now he says white people/companies can't have contracts in the district. a legal contract is broken. where is your reporting outrage over this overt racist attitude? mike, it is about in the same place it was last time barry said something like this but it doesn't matter because this is marion barry and in his defense he did back off of that statement in our interview yesterday saying it was not about black or white but rather about keeping city money in the city and frankly i do not believe the man is a racist for all his flaws. he is not against white folks, he is, however, in favor of black people and i would tend to believe there is a subtle distinction there. you may disagree. the address is >>> let's talk about the rescheduled dedication of the mlk jr. memorial coming up this weekend. we will bring you live coverage here on wusa weapon the live event. >>> topper is back with the forecast for the rest of the night and find out if you've got a wet commute coming your way tomorrow. grab
, wisdom. >>> we're live on the scene in a developing steer. d.c. police cruiser hit a pedestrian. it happened in the 2100 block of wisconsin avenue northwest. the major crash unit is investigating. >>> and now a fox 5 news exclusive. a d.c. police officer accused of covering up a murder because she was dating the suspect. investigators believe she saw the crime go down, didn't call anyone, and then lied to homicide investigators. fox 5's paul wagner was in the courtroom today. >> from the front porch of this house on clay place northeast, witnesses say ricardo mitchell exchanged words with a man named wyatt robinson as robinson walked down the street. it was sunday, august 21st, and sitting next to mitchell was his girlfriend, a veteran d.c. police officer assigned to the second district. according to a court affidavit, mitchell was recorded by a surveillance camera leaving the house with a pistol in his hand. the document says the camera recorded him in a firing stance, shooting at robinson. the document lists the officer as w-2 and says she initially lied about witnessing the m
, we spent some time with d.c. mayor vincent gray discussing jobs and the relationship with the business community. this week, we are talking to the chief financial officer natwarr gandhi. thanks for joining us. >>hank you for inviting me. >> what wou you say the statate of the d.c. economy -- how healths the district's government rigight now? >> when you compare it to any other jor metropolitan area, thcity is doing better than any one of them.m. two, like everywhere else, we are seeing in packs from the recession. 2011 the year that we have just finished, the fiscal year, we have done very well. 201212 and 2013, the problems are primarily because of the recession and because of the federal government. of the federal government isn't retren -- the federal government is retrehing. that will have an impact on us. we have a lot of federal workers, benefit from federal spending. just like maryland and virginia, we will have some impact there. >> the district has instituted several new revenue generators that of gone into effect. is that to try a close -- to try to close so
. investigators have not said what may have led to the shooting. >>> law enforcement officials in d.c. struck a deal yesterday with protesters angry about numerous issues included a state of the nation's economy. >> the agreement could extend the occupation downtown for the next four months. kris van cleave has details. >> the demonstrators vote to accept the national park service offered to extend the protest promedica in freedom plaza four more months. -- extend the protest permit. the demonstrators started on friday with a march, the saturday rally at a museum resulted in a pprotesters getting pepper sprayed. how long you plan to be here? >> forever. i bought a one-way ticket. >> people will be here until demands are met. >> dissenttents have been allowed to stay so far. >> i don't think it takes four months to get a message across. if that's what they wanted to and that's what it takes for them then ok. >> americans need to voice their opinions. i don't believe that if we are being listened to. >> i think it is cool. >> the standoff ended peacefully in d.c., but the scene was much differe
of a booming business who says she is improving lives one bra at a time. first, the business of food. d.c. mig be next big food city. with me today, three up-and- coming entrepreneurs. steuart martens -- his wine company landed him a spot on "the apprentice." winston lord made his name by bubuilding networks. and mina ebrahimi is the president of saint germain catering. welce, all. thanks for joining us. you are one of the busiest guys i know. you got this company that imports spani wines. you e always out at different events meeting with different restaurants and doing different things. you are busy with public appearances after "the apprentice." what made you crazy enough to launch something as big asaste of d.c.? >> for may, it does spend an institution in this city that has been missing since 2003. i had the opportunity to take it. one day i got passionate about it. >> you have been tireless. you are e constantly knocking on doors and calling people to try to make the best taste of d.c. ever. >> it was a great publicity event for r the city to try to promote tourism. we are really trying t
program to focus hiring employed residents. >> ross is hiring dozens of d.c. workers. mayor gray was so anxious for people to know he held his biweekly news conference in front of the store to welcome them to town and here and from employeeees. >> i was unemployed for a year.r. i was thankful. >> with the d.c. unemployed rate at 11.1% -- >> we have no problem staff in it. i am excited >> the ross folks were intent on makiking itt d.c.-friendly a and asked the d.c. department to find workers. ththis mother of seven have not worked in four years. >> drove past it, and a big sign, now hiring, apply online, and the next dayay they called me back. >> she left work in 2019 >> i have no doubt. -- 2009. >> i had no doctor >> thank you to sam for. joining us to talk aboutobs and the economy d.c. mayor vincent gray. thank u for joining us on "washington business report." let's start with the program one city, one hire. why did you launch it? >> we decided that with the high on unplowed levels we have in the city, -- on employment levels in the city, and properly but, on the eastern level they are
might have to pack more cash next time you plan to hail a cab. d.c. officials want to do away with the $19 cap on taxi fares. no matter how long the ride takes, the meter keeps running until you reach your destination. darcy spencer has details. >> reporter: if you catch a cab in the district, you could be paying more if you take a lengthy trip. the taxi cab commission plans to lift the cap on fares within d.c. borders. >> i'm going to split from now on. i can't afford to pay more than i am. >> if it's legal to make that much more by how much road they are traveling and how much time it is, then yeah. >> reporter: this is the third effort to scrap the cap. this time, it's going to happen. >> we lifted it. we didn't think it was a fair cap. >> certainly enough people felt by having the $19 cap, they were being shortchanged by people who did take taxis for a long drive. >> reporter: they say most fares don't add up to $19 so lifting the cap really won't have a big impact. >> i have been driving 23 years and never had it. >> reporter: some say it's not fair to set a ceiling on ra
the law and tonight we're hearing from police. >> reporter: d.c. police have the authority to take you into custody if your tags expired. how you were treated and how long you stay locked up is not that simple. over the last few months, hundreds of people have told horror stories for being stopped in the district and having expired tags on their car and spinning the night in jail. this man who did not want to be identified said that it happened to him a year ago. >> and i asked him to give me a break and that is the top of my priority list. we're going take you in to process you for about three hours. >> reporter: and that didn't happen. the man said he spent the night in the cell block downtown for having tags that expired 21 days before. >> this is unbelievable. it's total outrageous. >> reporter: aaa mid-atlantic said the city council needs to review the law. a law that city councilman bill mendelson said makes sense to him. >> people have a duty. if you have a car, you have a duty to keep the tags current and people complains the po
away by swallowing -- keeping the gray way by swallowing a pill. >>> first man up d.c. a new survey ranks the cap top as one of the least manliest city -- capital as one of the least manliest city in the country. combo brand snacks ranked cities by the number of pro sports teams and nearby nascar tracks and the number of pickup trucks, motorcycles, construction workers and barbecue joints in the region. apparently they docked points in our area because of the number of cupcake shops and cafes. nashville, charlotte and oklahoma city were the top three clichest cities. ♪ma t.d >>> a pennsylvania couple is recovering after a vicious bear attack inside their home. richard moyer woke up early this morning by the family's barking dog, went outside to call the dog and that's when a bear chased the animal inside the house. moyer and his wife were attacked. luckily their 10-year-old son stadium stairs and wasn't hurt. moyer's father got a call -- stadium stairs and wasn't hurt. moyer's father got a call from -- stadium stairs and wasn't hurt. moyer's father got a call. >> i said i got atta
children are expected to testify. >>> now, an update on a story we first brought you last week. the d.c. council voted unanimously today to stop the police from arresting people who are caught driving with their tags expired on their vehicles. the district may be the only city in the country that treated expired tags as a criminal, rather than a civil offense. and bruce johnson reports, even with this new law, driving an unregistered vehicle will still cost you plenty in washington, d.c. >> and they said by the way, we now have to arrest you. >> reporter: last week you heard this woman describe for 9 news now how she was arrested for expired tags after a vehicle had been hit by a bus. >> they cuffed me and put me in the back of the police van. >> all in favor, say aye. >> reporter: today the d.c. council voted unanimously to stop arresting drivers merely for expired tags. >> we believe that's silly. >> reporter: under the emergency bill that becomes law as soon as the mayor signs it, an expired registration of 30 days or less carries a $100 fine. it goes up to $200 after 30 days. at tha
tents were allowed to stay up last night. >>> in d.c., members of the howard university are planning to join the occupy wall street movement. students, alumni and faculty will march from the chamber of commerce tomorrow. it's part of an effort to bring racial diversity to the wall street protest. issues raised by the protesters should resinate with african-americans. >> new allegations emerge into the investigation of mayor vincent gray's campaign. brown said gray handed him a list of talking points to use in the race. a federal grand jury is investigating brown's campaign that he was paid to bash fenty. mayor gray denied the allegations. >>> this was the second day of the lululemon murder trial. brid knee norwood is accused of killing her co-worker inside the bethesda store and trying to cover it up. nurses and police explain their interactions with norwood right after the crime. they are trying to prove the murder was premeditated. chris gordon is in rockville with more on this. chris? >> reporter: good evening. prosecutors must prove norwood intended to kill murray when she called
, just like what's happening in washington, d.c., throwing money away, but i picked it up real quick. i think i know now how it must feel in texas. it's hot. and i'm going to invite the governor back to new hampshire this winter to go snowballing. >> i'll be back. >> i want to thank jim foley and the derry g.o.p. for inviting me down. i appreciate that. and john stevens for his kind words. i'd also like to just take a second, just a show of hands of how many veterans we have in this audience today. let's give them a big hand, folks. thank you to all our veterans for all you do. i'm here tonight to ask, and i have asked rick perry, and he's agreed to sign the thompson presidential pledge, which you see here. i'd like to give a little background about the pledge. new hampshire is a state that has no sales or income tax, and i believe in big part it's because of my father. some 40 years ago, he galvanized the pledge in new hampshire that he promised the people he would veto a sales or income tax, and today new hampshire is one of two states that does not have a sales or income tax. this pl
. >> reporter: james came to d.c. from indiana. if police attempt to move him from freedom plaza, he says they will have to take him in handcuffs. >> i'm not leaving. i will go to jail. i will get out, and i will come back. there's people here that will pay my bail and i will be right back. >> reporter: he is not alone. many of the demonstrators are prepared to be arrested. they have written the phone number of the group's legal counsel on their arms so they can place their phone call from lockup even if their belong rings taken away from them. >> we decided there are a good number of us who were willing to take that risk and others who supported that and the reason that we are taking this stand and staying here in the plaza is that what's going on in the country right now is unacceptable. it is important for us to be out in public space to be visible about that. >> reporter: the group's permit to protest expired sunday night. they have today to pack up and leave. if they don't, the u.s. park police have the authority to arrest them. while many here plan to take it all the way, some say t
as well. >> wisdom martin, thank you. >>> let's go to d.c. now where a victim in a hit-and-run died. police are in the second day of searching for the driver who killed them. a maroon jeep liberty struck 22- year-old miguel girard yesterday afternoon. the police believe the jeep may be a 2003 model missing most of the front grill after the accident. the investigators are hoping someone will call with a tip. >>> and though to virginia, police are investigating the suspicious death of an 11- -month-old boy in restin. it happened at the family's home on lakewood drive on wednesday night. the police say the boy's caregiver took him to his mother and when they got, there the child was unresponsive. he was flown to children's national medical center in d.c. where he later died. vienna police are heading up this investigation but fairfax county police are involved in one also. >>> and developing news from new york city where protestors are continuing their occupy wall street demonstration. protestors have have been camped out for weeks there and there is no sign of them leaving any time so
guilty to murdering an 18-year-old girl that was murdered by a group of people in a southeast d.c. apartment in august of last year. she supposedly took $900 from someone in the group but police say that they lured her to an apartment to "teach her a lesson." that's where she was beaten to death. he will be sentenced in january and faces life in prison. >>> officers arrested several people today. we have seen arrests at the occupy wall street here. our delia gonclaves is live at freedom plaza where she spoke with one of those who was arrested. >> reporter: a young girl about 23 years old, just graduated college living in d.c. for a year now. allie mccrackin. she is among the many people who are now calling freedom plaza home spending their days organizing, their nights sleeping in these tents. however, allie spent her night behind bars. >> if i did this a couple of weeks ago i wouldn't have been in the news. >> reporter: allie mechanic crackin has become the poster child after an action and arrest on capitol hill. the recent college grad said the momentum is growing and movement
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